My Story

Hi Babe! My name is Angie Velasco. I am an entrepreneur, creator, and lover of life. When Pikolelie (pee-koh-lay-lee) was founded, my vision for it was to modernize our feelings, emotions, and current state of mood. We have re-designed our entire brand to be just it and not just workout clothes. 
Our emotional and motivational merch is an all around celebrating our current mood and is dedicated to you- the fierce, strong, and resilient babe we know you are.


Our goal is to help you feel strong, empowered, and comfortable. You were born to stand out. You were born to lead. You were born to be extraordinary and we want to help you feel that way at all times. Help me normalize our emotions and our thoughts. We are not alone in this battle!  

-Angie Velasco


P.S- For custom work, send me a message and I can gladly work with you for that special item you are looking for! 

I also do bulk orders upon request. Contact me for prices.


Pikolelie. Merch by Ang. Celebrate Your Mood!